virtualized EIR

Equipment Identity Register

With the massive adoption of smartphones and growing rate of mobile phone thefts and identity fraud, pressure on operators is increasing to implement protective measures. In a growing number of countries, governments and telecom regulators demand for installation of an EIR solution.

Mapping the problems
Governments and Telecom regulators demands mobile equipement protection
Increasing number of phone thefts
New security hacks appears like identity fraud
Operators want to offer more security protections to their subscribers
Maintain an up to date database with all stolen mobile equipments
Block the use of stolen and unauthorized devices
New stolen IMEI numbers populated between Mobile Operators worldwide
Solution should be available for all access domains (2G,3G,4G and future 5G)
More devices gets stolen when there is protective action by the operators
Using EIR has no effect when database is outdated
Maintenance cost involved to keep the EIR up to date
How we solve this

The Next Generation EIR enables a single, unified access point for Mobile Equipment authentication in the network. The virtualized EIR solution is fully compliant to the 3GPP standards, 100% software based, supporting 2G/3G, 4G/LTE and IT interfaces. It also offers an extensive feature set for implementing service logic, active triggering, reporting, alarming and more.




Single software solution for EIR, supporting both 2G / 3G and 4G / LTE

All access domains could be enabled for this security check, as the EIR support different protocols like SS7, Diameter and HTTP.


Unlimited database which is in sync with centralized EIR of GSMA

Flexible database is used that contains all required info like IMSI-IMEI relationships to implement optimal security matters.


Configurable triggering of alarms and external applications

Several interfaces are available to configure customized triggers to perform logging and alarming


Automation to keep the database with stolen devices up to date

EIR system will upload all new stolen devices to central GSMA EIR and will download updated list of stolen devices per country.

Key Take-Aways

Unlimited database with stolen devices which gets updated automatically

Works across all mobile domains like 2G, 3G and 4G and is fully compliant with all 3GPP standards