Number Portability Database (ENUM server)

INAP / ENUM supported

Legacy SS7 Networks route traffic by translating Mobile telephone numbers into infrastructure point codes which define the destination. Typically, the INAP protocol is used for querying number portability information sources such as a Centralized Database (CDB) containing ported numbers.

Mapping the problems
Subscribers can move their subscription between operator keeping the same number
All subscribers should be reachable at any time independent of their mobile operator
Up to date database is required for this
Should be reachable for both legacy SS7 and new technology ENUM
Build and maintain a huge database with unlimited capacity
Should support both legacy and new voice technologies like VoLTE
Intelligent routing based on local database or external IT infrastructure
Flexible protocol to support all connected nodes
Subscriber could become unreachable for receiving calls and messages
New technology like VoLTE is not working because existing database does not support ENUM
Expensive upgrade costs with limited database
Long integration time due to protocol incompatibility
How we solve this

A central Number Portability gateway supporting both INAP and ENUM, as well as various other Network and IT interfaces, provides an essential capability to service providers to cost-effectively connect legacy and IP domains, overcome interoperability issues and establish convergence across Mobile, Fixed and OTT services.

Number Portability Gateway offers on-board support for: INAP (supporting: Q.1218, ETS 300 374-1, EN 301 140-1) and ENUM (compliant with RFCs 6116 (ENUM), 3403 (NAPTR) and 4694 (NP tel URI)), SOAP, MAP, Diameter and various other protocols.




Real-time Number Portability queries/dips, across local and external data providers

Capability to resolve mobile number via local database, and in case this entry is not present the NP gateway could query external data provider or IT infrastructure to resolve the number.


Local database with unlimited capacity

Local storage and caching of Number Portability information, reducing the number of external queries/cost


Multi-protocol support, including ENUM, INAP, SOAP, MAP, Diameter

Having more protocols on-board in a single solution gives the operator the advantage to extend the usage of the Number Portability to more then the standard functionality.

Key Take-Aways

Local and unlimited Number Portability Database

Future proof Number Portability system supporting VoLTE with build-in ENUM server