Multi IMSI for sponsored roaming

The roaming business is complex and requires extensive work to enable the international mobile services. It’s a huge investment both in terms of resources and time that it requires to comply with all requirements, implement, test, operate and maintain a high- quality solution. 

Mapping the problems
Subscribers needs Mobile services all around the globe
Bring all agreements in place and implementing all core services like Voice, SMS, Data, ...
Testing all roaming-out cases
Cheapest tariff plan applicable for roaming at all times.
New mobile operator or MVNO require roaming services from day one
Roaming partners use different vendors, causing incompatibility issues
Manipulation of the call flows in the right way
Subscriber dissatisfaction
No Mobile services for roaming out
Expensive rates for voice and data while traveling
How we solve this

A multi IMSI platform at the edge of your Mobile Network will enable the usage second IMSI number when subscribers are abroad. This platform is capable of intercepting the international traffic and based on IMSI range it will apply correct re-routing and message manipulation.


dual isme



Smart message manipulation per IMSI range

IMSI numbers and Global titles can be changed easily for enabling sponsored roaming.


New customers could be enabled in a few minutes

Time to market for roaming services are limited to a minimum which results into customer satifacion.


Enabling worldwide roaming agreements at once

Using multi IMSI platform you enable all roaming agreements in one single platform.

Key Take-Aways

Smart Multi IMSI platform that enables worldwide roaming for multiple operators in one single platform.

Mobile messaging can manipulated upon the format that is requested per Mobile Operator.