MAP 2 Diameter Interworking

Fully compliant to 3GPP 29.305 with support of Pre-Rel 8 HLR

Interworking between existing 2G/3G Networks and 4G/LTE Networks is mandatory. Service Providers are keen to maximise their Mobile reach by enabling services between LTE and existing 2G/3G Networks. For smaller Operators and MVNOs, it is often a big hurdle. There is a high cost involved for upgrading the existing Network equipment (HLR) with a long time migration period to upgrade the HLR.

Mapping the problems
Roaming of 4G into 2G/3G Networks
Upgrade of Network equipment is required
High costs
Upgrade and migration process is complex and time consuming
Correct conversion of Diameter messages into MAP messages
No deviation of the 3GPP 29.305 specification
Support for Pre-Release 8 HLR
Preventing a long and risky project
No 4G/LTE available for existing customers
Potential loss of subscribers
How we solve this

Introduction of a Protocol Interworking Gateway between the new 4G/LTE technology and the existing legacy HLR. This Gateway will act as a Diameter host for the 4G/LTE Network and as a SS7/MAP client for the legacy HLR. The Interworking function will work as a black box and will execute the conversion automatically according to the specifications.




Immediate availability of complete MAP-Diameter Interworking function

Our solution is available as a built-in App which applies Interworking in line with the specifications next to the possibility to manipulate the converted messages as expected.


Never a long and risky project

As there is no need to upgrade or install a new HLR/HSS, we will avoid long and expensive projects. The Interworking function can be installed as a dedicated Front-HSS, avoiding migration.


Support for Pre-Release 8 HLR

A unique feature is available that creates KASME security vector information ('KASME derivation function'), enabling connectivity with Pre-Release 8 HLRs.


Future proof with an extendable approach

New interfaces (e.g. various Diameter applications, RADIUS, XML/HTTP, SOAP, REST, LDAP, ENUM, SS7 etc.) can be used for other Interworking functions to convert any message between each of the available interfaces.

Key Take-Aways

Immediate availability to enable 4G/LTE on legacy HLR

Full support for 3GPP 29.205 and Pre-Release 8 HLR