Diameter Interoperability

As Diameter became the principal connectivity protocol in and between operator Networks, operability should be guaranteed and very flexible.

Mapping the problems
Diameter protocol versions and applications are increasing
3GPP rel10 vs. 3GPP rel13
No Diameter applications in 3G Networks vs. 14 Diameter applications in LTE Networks
What will 5G bring?
Interpretation of 3GPP specification is different between vendors
Vendor specific AVP’s are not compatible with Network elements from other vendors
In case of roaming, information is manipulated and should be restored back to its original form
Changes in Diameter content after release upgrade
Mobile service down-time
Waste if time when introducing new services
Software release upgrade could fail
Roaming-out is failing in some VPLMN
How we solve this

Introducing a Next Generation Diameter Router DRA into the heart of the Mobile Core Network connecting all Diameter speaking entities. This will simplify your Network and resolve all your operational issues. Through a centralized orchestrator you will be able to route, manipulate and protect all your Diameter traffic between your own Diameter entities and external Networks. Meaning you, as a Mobile Operator, will have control on the Diameter flows in your Network and you will be vendor independent in rolling out new services and technologies.



Reduction of R&D and OPEX costs for solving interoperability issues

Deviation and usage of proprietary AVP's in the 3GPP Diameter application by the vendor will lead to extra R&D and operational costs for the Mobile Operator.


Unlimited flexibility to manipulate any AVP

Mobile Operators will have the power to manipulate and build their Diameter application as they want and not when it is delivered by the vendor. As a result, there will be flexibility in rolling out new services.


Reducing time-to-market for new Mobile services

In bringing new services to the market, Mobile Operators need to introduce new Diameter flows, tariff plans and policies. With a flexibel DRA this could be orchestrated and manipulated from a central point.


Flexibility to interwork between any protocol and AVP

Next Generation DRA makes it possible to convert between Diameter application commands. E.g. An Online-Charging Event (CCR) could be converted into direct-debiting. Also, each available AVP inside the Diameter messages could be ad-hoc changed, copied, removed, etc., without any service interruption.

Key Take-Aways

Most powerful tool for message manipulation 

Unrestricted access and conversion possibilities