Centralized Diameter Routing

The number of Diameter speaking entities is constantly increasing as Networks and technology becomes more complex and sofisticated.

And what will 5G bring us?

Mapping the problems
Up to 5 entities for 2G/3G Networks
20 or more entities for LTE
How many will Diameter entities will 5G Network bring us
Complexity in maintaining all Diameter connections
Capacity planning between the Diameter entities
Load-Balancing between Diameter back-end servers
Detection of failing Diameter entities
Maintaining Diameter session-stickness
End-customer dissatisfaction
Loss of Network redundancy
Poor scalability
Long troubleshooting time
How we solve this

Introducing a Next Generation Diameter Router DRA into the heart of the Mobile Core Network connecting all Diameter speaking entities. This will simplify your Network and resolve all your operational issues. Through a centralized orchestrator you will be able to route, manipulate and protect all your Diameter traffic between your own Diameter entities and external Networks. Meaning you, as a Mobile Operator, will have control on the Diameter flows in your Network and you will be vendor independent in rolling out new services and technologies.



Single point for operating centralized Routing

One point of configuration for setting up flexible routing for your entire Diameter Signaling domain.


Load-balancing based on link availabilty

Dynamic way of applying load-balancing based on current load and availability.


Flexibility to dynamically re-route traffic

External resources could be used to change re-route ongoing traffic to different destination.


One routing policy for the entire Network

Easier way of working with one policy instead of performing a per box configuration.

Key Take-Aways

Optimized and flexible usage of all Diameter entities in the different domains

Reduced operational cost