CAMEL - Diameter Interworking

In the migration to all-IP LTE Networks, the expectation is that Diameter will replace CAMEL/WIN. Without support for the CAMEL/WIN signaling Protocol in LTE, and lack of capabilities to link the two technologies, Operators end up having to support multiple, silo-based charging environments.

Mapping the problems
Billing in 4G/LTE and legacy are not compatible
Legacy Voice and messaging will continue to exist
Operators to maintain Silo based charging environments
High risk for errors in keeping subscriber and billing information synchronized
No CAMEL/WIN signaling Protocol support in 4G/LTE Networks
No standardized CAMEL/WIN-Diameter Interworking specifications available
Migration from CAMEL/WIN based billing to Diameter architectures
Complex mapping of signaling messages
Service limitations, inefficiencies and high cost
Multiple charging domains to be maintained
All mapping of signaling messages to be tested and customized per case
How we solve this

Introduction of a Protocol Interworking Gateway between the new Diameter based billing domain and existing legacy CAMEL billing. This Gateway will act as a Diameter host to the new Diameter based billing domain and will convert all CAMEL/WIN related billing messaging to Diameter. The Interworking Function will be capable of converting all proprietary CAMEL information to correct Diameter AVP's.


Lifetime extension of the existing CAP based assets and services

Because we will convert CAMEL messaging from legacy services (as Voice and SMS) into Diameter we will extend the lifetime of those CAP based assets.


Immediate availability of a complete CAMEL/WIN Interworking solution

A tested and accepted solution is available that enables CAMEL/WIN Interworking for the integration of legacy pre-paid systems for Voice, SMS and Data with Diameter based systems.


Providing the required business logic and stateful processing that applies to the IN-services involved



Flexibility to convert messages into customer specific format

On-the-fly adaptations to any (proprietary) Diameter or SS7 variant are possible through built-in flexibility to quickly adjust and customize interfaces to specific customer environments, new use cases and future system updates. There is no more dependency on the R&D availability of vendors.

Key Take-Aways

Single-Diameter based billing system for both 4G/LTE and legacy domains

Lifetime extension of CAP based assets and services